7 Myths about Sewelltech

There’s a lot of confusion out there about Sewelltech.
So let’s set the record straight.
Below are 7 Myths about Sewelltech, and why they’re totally bogus.

Myth #1
“Sewelltech is more expensive”

Not for what you get. In most cases our prices on new products and services are far more competitive than the Apple Store or online retailers.
Sewelltech offers value added services that other can’t match

Myth #2
“Sewelltech cant help me with New Apple products”

Here at Sewelltech, we don’t only fix Apple machines, but we sell them too. Whether you’re looking for the all-in-one iMac, or the portable Macbook Air, we offer the full line of Apple desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPods, and all software you would ever need for your Mac.
Our Apple Authorized certified sales professionals will discuss the options that best suit your needs. Our pricing is very competitive and in many cases, far less expensive than most alternatives.

Myth #3
“Sewelltech is only for businesses”

We serve the needs of every of user, whether it be an individual home user or a business. We are here to help. We can help you get the most out of your existing technology, plan for the future and invest in new technology. We can steer you away from flashy distractions that cost more than they’re worth and develop a plan that offers a clear return on your technology investments. We never recommend any technology until we understand your needs, your budget and your priorities.

Myth #4
“Sewelltech only works on Mac Computers”

Yes we can fully service Mac Computers, warranty and non warranty work.
BUT Sewelltech also can work on iPhones, iPads, Servers, and many other devices. We also provide network and onsite support.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just get in touch.

Myth #5
“Sewelltech will make me set an appointment to get my Mac serviced”

Nothing could be more false, Sewelltech Provides Quick, Quality Mac Support.
No Appointment Necessary.
No need to spend days waiting for an Apple Store appointment, then more time waiting for the Apple store to complete your repair.
We do not require an appointment.
Drop off your broken machine at Sewelltech, and be out the door in just a few minutes. One of our Apple Certified Technicians will diagnose the problem and call you with any details. Then, just pick it up when it’s done—so you can get back to work.
Sewelltech is open 9-6 Monday thru Friday, come see us, you will be glad you did

Myth #6
“Sewelltech can’t fix my broken screen”

We can fix broken screens on laptop and desktop computers, LCD’s, as well as any generation iPad, and much more!
Sewelltech offers a variety of services, including hardware repair, and upgrades.
Sewelltech truly is a one-stop shop for all your IT needs. We offer many services that provide support for a wide group of users ranging from home support to small business and enterprise level support. Whatever your needs, we have a solution!

Myth #7
“I can’t take my new computer to Sewelltech for warranty repair I must go to the Apple Store”

Sewelltech is an Apple Authorized Service Provider. No need to spend days waiting for an Apple Store appointment, then more time waiting for the Apple store to complete your repair. We do not require an appointment. Just stop on by and one of our Apple Certified Technicians can usually look at, diagnose, and even in some instances have your computer fixed on the very same day.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff that provide custom, not “boxed,” solutions
Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider
Carry-in and on-site service within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area
Extensive expertise in multimedia, digital video, graphic arts, design, publishing, web solutions and networking
Strategic IT partnerships that help you to grow your business and take advantage of the latest worldwide technology developments
To speak with one of Sewelltech’s Certified Apple Technicians, contact us or visit our office today.