Anti-reflective Coating Issues on Retina-based Mac Notebooks

On MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina displays, the anti-reflective display coating may rub off or delaminate under certain circumstances.

If you believe this affects your MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina displays you can bring it by our office and a tech will look at it and determine if the repair is covered.
If the tech confirms the issue is with the Anti-reflective Coating, Apple will replace the affected Retina Display at no cost to the customer.

Apple will replace Retina displays on affected MacBook or MacBook Pro models for free within three years from the date of original purchase, or one year from October 16, 2015, whichever is longer. Affected customers that have already incurred out-of-warranty costs may be eligible for a refund through AppleCare support.

So if your MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina displays exhibits issues with the the anti-reflective display coating please have it checked on ASAP

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