As my Dad says, “You take care of the people that take care of you.” I hope you all feel appreciated for the excellent work that you do. Greg didn’t have to look at my laptop right then and there. You (Greta) didn’t have to be so incredibly kind to me. It’s a quality that’s often lost in business and work today: Kindness.

I hope yesterday was a good day that will help you to continue to work with kindness and integrity on the hard days when work is not so pleasant. And I pray that God blesses the business and y’all’s individual lives. I’ll do my best to help with that by singing Sewelltech’s praises to all who will listen. Thanks for all your help Greta!

Take care!

-Tricia Schoon

I wanted to thank all of you at Sewelltech for your outstanding customer and computer service. How delightful it was to get my Apple needs met so well, so quickly in a calm, non-cattle-herding environment!

My computer has been needing service for months; and every time I booked a Genius Bar appointment at the Apple store, I would wait for over an hour in complete chaos and never actually get seen, and then I would finally leave. And, frankly, anytime I needed computer help, I was filled with dread because I knew what I was in for at the Apple store. So, thank you, Sewelltech, for offering me a FAR BETTER alternative to my Apple needs!

Plus, you all actually proved to be far more skilled, as well, since some of my issues were due to an original faulty set-up at said Genius Bar. (I suspect that even if the skill level were there at the Apple store, the fact that they are helping 3 people at a time means that you and your computer are not getting the required attention! And, by the way, I even paid for the one-to-one, which was too chaotic to ever actually happen properly, anyway!) I literally told them as I was leaving for the last time that it didn’t matter how great their products are if they can never get serviced properly.

The point is, I am so happy to have a place to go (or have you come to me…YEAH!) for my computer needs that isn’t a drain on my day and where the work you guys do is the best I’ve had! This has been a problem for me for years, so thank you for changing the landscape of my Apple servicing needs. I am looking forward to calling you soon to set up a time for one-to-one training that really is that!

Heather Pullen

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Sewelltech has long provided HPB with the products and services necessary for the effective and efficient use of our Macintosh platform. From simple desktop support and warranty work, to working in conjunction with our in-house IT department, they have surpassed our expectations in not only keeping abreast of a continuously changing technological environment, but also by maintaining a courteous and professional attitude in their approach to satisfying our specific needs in this era of ever changing industry developments.

William Kiker Jr.
Half Price Books

I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional professionalism shown by Daniel Hope – relocating my Mac equipment to my home in Athens. He was completely prepared, totally competent, and exceptionally expeditious. My thanks to Sewelltech for providing such an exceptional young man for this assignment.

John Wilson

Sewelltech, I just want you to know how thrilled I am with all of the changes you made to my business. You have made my company run better through your research and attention to detail.

Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate your finding solutions that work for me. Very best regards, Gayle

Gayle Haley
Haley Brand Intelligence

Sewelltech fulfilled all our Apple Needs – from the smallest device to enterprise level gear, their customer services is excellent and they always deliver what they promise. Sewelltech services helped us maintain and hit our target deadlines with their timely deliveries and configuration. If you want to work with a exceptional Apple Sales and Service Provider – look no further than Sewelltech- they always deliver what they promise.

Khalid (Ken) Parekh
Managing Director

We have worked with Sewelltech since 2000. David and his team have been with us every step of the way, helping expand our systems and networks to accommodate our growth. David and his staff are always knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Sewelltech is a tremendous resource that we could not do without.

Doug Miller

Sewelltech is one of those vendors that a buyer wishes all other vendors would model from. We have worked with Sewelltech for a few years now and have had absolutely zero problems with their service. Mary Dawson, the office manager, takes a personal stance to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. I suspect her high attention to detail and knowledge of the subject makes that possible. Sewelltech’s network of resources allows us with an extremely quick turnaround on products so we do not have to wait. The service that Sewelltech offers, provides us with confidence that we can maintain a healthy business relationship that will last. For that we thank you.

Curtis Nagel
Origin Instruments Corp.

We are a rapidly growing design studio and needed to implement the ability to work remotely from our server, provide more backup and work space on our server as well as purchase several new computers and update software. All that to say, it was much more than we could do ourselves, especially during a busy time. I have worked with several IT companies or individuals in the past and I have to say David and his team made this so easy. They handled everything from end to end starting with the bid and ordering of equipment to full implementation with little impact on our day to day. The implementation was quick, the explanations of David and his team were simple and easy (also rare from IT support). I can’t say enough good things about this experience. We are now running faster, better and worry free.

Samantha Reitmayer Sano
SWOON, the studio
Owner and Creative director

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