Discontinuing Sewelltech Online Backup Service

Effective on September 6, 2016

Due to changes from our vendor we will discontinuing our Branded Sewelltech Online Backup Service.
Our Vendor wanted a 5x price increase over the previous years cost.

Sewelltech will ONLY partner with a vendor or service provider that offer best in class products and service.

After much thought and number crunching we felt that continuing our relationship with this vendor would not be in the best interest of our customers and Sewelltech.

So if you are using our Sewelltech Online Backup Service, this service will be deactivated on September 30th 2016.

We always strive to give our customers the BEST products and services possible, with this in mind we knew we need to have a great alternative solution for our customers.
After much trial and error and testing, we have chosen a replacement vendor for this service.

We have choose to go with BackBlaze
Some of the main reasons we choose BackBlaze:

Backblaze will automatically backup all your files including documents, photos, music and movies.
Unlimited files.
Unlimited file size.
Unlimited speed.

All your files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted.

Java is responsible for 91%* of security attacks. Backblaze’s code is native to Mac and PC and doesn’t use Java.

Some of the Backblaze team members worked at Apple building great products, so we know how to make great software for the Mac. Making high-quality products is in our DNA.

We hate using software that slows down our computer, so we wanted to be sensitive to the performance hit on the computer. We did a bunch of amazing magic to optimize the software, including: reading data once, slowly scanning the drive, and waiting a few minutes before backing up at start-up time. The result is that Backblaze uses less than 1% of your CPU and memory on average. Backblaze doesn’t install any drivers and opens any files it backs up as read only so your computer is kept stable. Backblaze also works great running side-by-side with Apple Time Machine for added security.

The biggest thing to think about when you choose a backup solution is the speed and quality of the restore.
Your backup solution will be totally worthless to you if can’t get your data back in a quick manner.

One of the main reasons we like Backblaze is the ability to have a drive sent you with a full backup, for free!

You can prepare a USB drive and have it shipped to you by FedEx anywhere in the world. After signing into the Backblaze site you can prepare a mailed restore on the ‘View/Restores Files’ page.

USB Hard Drive up to 4TB $189
Flash Drive 128GB $99

Shipping and handling included. Depending on the size of the restore it might take several days to prepare and ship the drive. You may choose to have your hard drive encrypted during shipping for an extra level of security.

Send Backblaze the hard drive back within 30 days for a refund. Just mail back your drive and they will refund what you paid for the restore.

We have a special Deal for Sewelltech customers to switch to BackBlaze

Unlimited Data Backup for your Mac or PC.
Prices are per computer, per year
$50 (20% savings)

We also have special plans for Business or multi user accounts
Please contact your Sewelltech rep for more help


“It’s too expensive” – Backblaze is only $50 per year. The thing people care about the most is pictures. Pictures are moments captured in time that will never happen again. If you lost your pictures, professional data recovery can cost up to $5,000. But the laws of physics always prevail. All drives fail it’s only a matter of when.

“I have iCloud” – iCloud does backup the information on your iPhone, including pictures. However, iCloud accounts get hacked and iPhones get stolen. Precious pictures need another method of being backed up.

“I have Dropbox” – Dropbox is file synchronization. It’s not backup because it can destroy data on the computer. If you delete something on one device, it deletes it on the other. The free version lets’ you recover files for about 30 days. After day 30, it’s gone forever. It also doesn’t backup everything on the computer – just what’s in Dropbox.

“What if Backblaze goes out of business” – Computer companies go out of business all the time. Hard drives also fail all the time. The risk that the client’s computer fails at the same time as Backblaze does is highly unlikely. It’s a risk though.

“I already have an external backup or Time Machine” – That’s a good primary backup. I have one of those too. When I accidentally delete something, that’s the place I go to restore data. The advantage of cloud backup is it prevents against a local disaster.
What if a thief takes everything near the computer. They don’t say “Oops, this is a backup, better leave that.” The same take-all strategy applies to things like flooding or fire.
If you have a lock on the front door, why do you need security systems or insurance? The external hard drive is the lock, Backblaze is that second level of protection.