No Roadblocks In Doing Business With Sewelltech

When computers and technology are not working that can be stressful enough. At Sewelltech we want every interaction to be easy, so we can get you back up and running with as little stress as possible.

We don’t put up any roadblocks in doing Business with us, and here are a few ways we make it easy.

No appointments required.

That is correct!! No Appointment Necessary.
No need to spend days waiting for an Apple Store appointment, then more time waiting for the Apple store to complete your repair.

We do not require an appointment.

Drop off your broken Apple Device at Sewelltech, and be out the door in just a few minutes.
For even speedier service use our nifty online Service Check-In form

One of our Apple Certified Technicians will diagnose the problem and call (we can even text or email) you with any details.
Then, just pick it up when it’s done—so you can get back to work.
Sewelltech is open 9-6 Monday thru Friday, come see us, you will be glad you did

No diagnostic fees.

Bring your broken Apple Device by our office and one of our techs can give you a free diagnosis on what is causing the issue and help you with the repair.
We will give you a full Estimate of what the repair will cost be fore we do any work.

Honest pricing.

Here at Sewelltech, we don’t only fix Apple devices, but we sell them too. Whether you’re looking for the all-in-one iMac, or the portable Macbook Air, we offer the full line of Apple desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPods, and all software you would ever need for your Mac.
Our Apple Authorized certified sales professionals will discuss the options that best suit your needs. Our pricing is very competitive and in many cases, far less expensive than most alternatives.

We only agree to fix what we specialize in fixing.

We have extensive expertise in the Apple world, it is what we have been doing for almost 25 years.
We like being experts in all things Apple, it what we do best, and we stick to what we do best to provide you the customer with best products and services.

Excellent Communication

At Sewelltech we want you to stay informed of what is going on with a repair or order, that is why we have multiple different ways to communicate with you.
Weather it be via a text message, email or by looking at the online portal, or even the old school way of a personal phone call.
It’s your choice.

Our new online portal lets your check a Service Ticket, look at an Invoice, even pay your bill online, talk about easy.

Sewelltech is this:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff that provide custom, not “boxed,” solutions
  • Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Carry-in and on-site service within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area
  • Extensive expertise in multimedia, digital video, graphic arts, design, publishing, web solutions and networking
  • Strategic IT partnerships that help you to grow your business and take advantage of the latest worldwide technology developments

To speak with one of Sewelltech’s Certified Apple Technicians, contact us or visit our office today.