Have you ever had trouble sending a particular file attachment through e-mail, and wondered why? Learn how to overcome email file size limits.

Overcome email file size limits

Learn how to overcome email file size limits and easily send files secure to anyone, anywhere.

Have you ever had trouble sending a particular file attachment through e-mail, and wondered why? The file is probably too large. Most mail servers (both incoming and outgoing) restrict attachment sizes to a maximum of 10MB, and sometimes even less than that. Gmail and Yahoo are among the exceptions, but even they limit things to 25MB and 20MB, respectively. If you’re trying to send someone a video file, a large batch of photos, or anything else that exceeds the limit, the e-mail won’t go through. (Think of it as trying to stuff an oversize package into a small mailbox.)

If you have wrestled in frustration with transferring large files, Sewelltech has a solution for you.

Easily send files secure to anyone, anywhere using the Sewelltech file sharing service.

Overcome the limits of email
Transfer very large files —up to 2 gigabytes.

Keep track of file access
Know immediately when somebody receives your shared files.

Anytime, anywhere access
Share and access information from any online device.

Robust security by design
Our service is designed to provide a secure infrastructure for your use in sharing and transferring files. We have taken great care in the development of our network architecture and software architecture, to assure the privacy of your data.

All communications with the service are encrypted using strong encryption protocols, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

AES 256-bit
In addition to mandatory use of secure communications channels while delivering files to and from the service, all files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption before being stored at the service. This provides security for data at rest as well as for data in motion.

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How it works:

Step 1
Drag & drop one or more files, and specify who should receive those files.

Step 2
The service will send an email to your intended recipient(s), with your personal message and a link to a secure download location.

Step 3
Your recipients simply click on a link to download the shared files. You receive a notification email. Files are stored for ten days.

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