Certified Provider of AppleCare Support and Apple Warranty Services

For Apple users in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Sewelltech can conduct free in-warranty repairs or fix your out-of-warranty technical issues. As an official Apple Authorized Service Provider Plus, we offer reliable and efficient service for Apple products from certified technicians using genuine Apple parts.

Whether your product is covered by an Apple warranty or not, you can trust our Apple certified technicians to repair your system. Regardless of the model of your Apple product, we can help you repair your technical issues for free or at an affordable rate.

Free Repairs Under Valid Apple Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan

If your Apple product is currently covered by an Apple warranty, our certified technicians can help with any qualifying repairs at no charge. Sewelltech can service all Apple products under the standard Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, or the extended three-year AppleCare Protection Plan.

All of our complimentary in-warranty service repairs are performed by our AppleCare support technicians using genuine, top-of-the-line Apple Parts.

No Warranty? No Problem.

If your Apple product is no longer covered by a warranty, Sewelltech is here to help. Our out-of-warranty repairs apply to products that are:

  • Apple products no longer covered Under a Valid Apple Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan
  • Damaged due accident, abuse, misuse, and misapplication.
  • Non-Apple products serviced by anyone who is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider, including upgrades and expansions.
  • A product or a part modified without the written permission of Apple.
  • Units with the Apple serial number removed or defaced.

Our out-of-warranty repairs are conducted with the same standard of care that we use to fix in-warranty Apple products. We offer efficient carry-in repairs at our Dallas location and convenient on-site service repairs at your home or workplace.

As part of our commitment to thorough customer service, all of our out-of-warranty repairs come with a 90-day warranty on materials and workmanship.

Have you considered AppleCare Protection Plan?

Once your one year limited warranty expires, costly repairs to your hardware becomes your responsibility. Eliminate worries about potential repair expenses, a single out-of-warranty repair could cost more than you pay for extended coverage with the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Now you can get long-term peace of mind about your Apple product.

The AppleCare Protection Plan extends your built-in warrenty coverage to a full three years on Macs and Apple Display and a full two years on iPads, iPods, and AppleTV from the original purchase date of your new Apple product. The AppleCare Protection Plan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution completely backed by Apple. This comprehensive plan includes telephone support, Apple-certified repairs, web-based support resources, and powerful diagnostic tools.

The AppleCare Protection Plan ensures that Apple-certified technicians will perform repairs using genuine Apple parts. With this plan, parts and labor will be covered for a total of a full three years on Macs and Apple Display and a full two years on iPads, iPods, And AppleTV from the original date of purchase of your Apple computer.

When you purchase your Apple device, it is automatically covered by a One-Year factory warranty at no cost to you. Your product must be within the One-Year Warranty in order to qualify for the AppleCare Protection Plan.

The AppleCare Protection Plan must also be purchased for every individual Apple product, as one copy of the Apple Protection Plan does not cover multiple Apple systems. The plan is non-renewable, but for such a small investment, buying the plan is well worth it.

For more information about AppleCare support or in and out-of-warranty repairs, please contact Sewelltech today.