Sewelltech Managed Software Updates

Simply put, Sewelltech Managed Software Updates allows Sewelltech’s Apple Certified Technicians to deliver software updates safely to a group of Macintosh computers without either having to install updates on each machine individually, or allowing users to have administrative access to their machine, then relying on the user to install all the necessary updates on their own.

Sewelltech Managed Software Updates

Sewelltech Managed Software Updates

Why Use Sewelltech Managed Software Updates?
Users face an ever increasing challenge of keeping all the software on their users’ Macs up to date with security patches, bug fixes, and deploying new software to users. In a large organization, this can take days, if not weeks to do. We at Sewelltech were faced with an even larger challenge of supporting a large number of clients, big and small, spread out across the DFW Metroplex. We can host the updates on our own servers with large bandwith, and then support a large number of Macs without having to travel or remote access each machine. This allows us to provide users with very timely updates, very quickly, and with little effort.

Secondly, with ever increasing threats of Malware possibly affecting Mac OS X through internet sources like Adobe Flash, Java, and other sources, Apple has taken the steps to safe guard OS X by releasing a “blacklist” of vulnerable versions of these plugins as well as other sources of malicious software. This has proven to be both a good thing and a bad thing. The good is that malicious threats are stopped before they can spread quickly, but it also renders software that is required in day to day business operations inoperable.

By utilizing Sewelltech Managed Software Updates, we can deliver updates to all our clients that participate in our Managed Services program as soon as they are released by their respective software publishers without delaying business operations.

Third reason for using Sewelltech Managed Software Updates is to allow users to operate as a Standard user on their system, and not as Administrators. As a Standard user, installation of software, changing most system settings, and access to other functions that can cause harm to the OS is blocked. But since Standard users can’t install updates, it puts a dilemma on what access to give users. Sewelltech Managed Software Updates itself runs as a privileged user, allowing for installation of software without prompting the user for Administrative access to install software. This allows for machines to operate much safer, and for an organization to allow only the software packages they want their users to have without worrying about users installing software that might be malicious, or worse, violates software agreements.

For more information about our managed services, remote support options or our Watchman Monitoring service and Sewelltech Managed Software Updates service plans, speak to a Sewelltech expert today.